Digital is everywhere these days but I am a hold out for film.   The reason?   To date I haven't seen the tonal quality achieved in black and white digital that can be had with film.   Secondarily, it assures that to whoever I sell a print to it is pretty close to real.   The only manipulation that I might/can do is some dodging and burning and adjustment of contrast but that is about it.   Having said that I am not adverse to shooting digitally.   There is a freedom to shoot as many images as I want without having to pay for them.


I constantly struggle to adequately explain my work.  I quite clearly am not looking to do glamour or sexually arousing photography.    Instead, I try to capture the eroticism (not necessarily sexual) of a woman's being without the protections of clothing.   My mission is to celebrate a woman with respect, dignity, her unique radiance and her beauty.  It is my hope that those who view my website will see that distinction.


Photographers who have influenced what I do include Edward Weston, Imogene Cunningham, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sally Mann and especially Jock Sturges


I might also note that no matter how good you think your computer screen is, images seen on a computer are nothing like as good as the real print.

Contact me if you're interested in either digital or analog darkroom prints